Mission and Board

The Japanese word Kimira, roughly translated, means pals, or buddies. Kimira House exists to be a hub of friendship to other foreigners trying to immigrate into the Tohoku region of Japan. Whether it is to provide a place to stay while going through the visa process, helping you to open a bank account, or showing you around town, Kimira House is here for you

After the disaster of 2011 many foreigners fled the region due to bad press and misinformation-they didn't come back. Tohoku is open for business and an amazing place to work and live. Our passion is to make this area known to the outside world, and encourage families to relocate here.


Jason lewis, chief executive officer

Jason is the chief executive officer of Kimira House and provides vision and expertise in development of new initiatives to further promote Tohoku to foreigners. Jason served for many years as a Civil Affairs Officer for the US Army helping to identify and develop emerging markets to foster civic stability in areas such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. In the past ten years Jason has pursued successful entrepreneurial endeavors and is now able to devote his full attention to efforts in Tohoku region of Japan. Jason and his wife Elizabeth raise their five children in Sendai, Japan.


Shinjiro Takeyama, Executive officer

Along with serving as executive officer, Shinjiro provides Kimira House with legal counsel, particularly in regards to assisting visa applicants. Upon graduating Omiya Law School, Shinjiro established Sendai Forest Visa and Law Office, where for over five years he has helped both foreigners living in Tohoku and foreigners living abroad. Beyond guiding people through the visa application process, Shinjiro offers extended support and advice to ensure that immigrants have a smooth transition into their new life in Japan. Shinjiro confidently hopes his passion and extensive experience and capabilities as a successful businessman will assist Kimira House in bringing more people to the Tohoku region. Currently Shinjiro lives with his wife in Sendai, where they are expecting their first child, a son, in September.


Clifford Moore, executive officer

Clifford serves as an executive officer at Kimira House and is employed as a full-time English teacher trainer at a private school. Graduating with a Masters in TESOL, his 14-year career has afforded him the opportunity to teach many students—from toddlers to adult learners.  Clifford is an avid student of Japan and Japanese culture. While he’s travelled across the country many times,  he’s particularly fond of the naturally rich and beautiful culture of Tohoku; having been a resident of Sendai for over ten years and calling it “home”.  Clifford recently obtained permanent residence as a foreigner, and along with his wife and two daughters (both born in Sendai), he has navigated the numerous challenges and opportunities that present themselves daily to a foreign husband and father.  He witnessed firsthand, the Great East Japan Disaster of 2011.  And now, like then, he joins Kimira House with the hope to aid the recovery of Tohoku by helping more families to see this beautiful region, and perhaps even to call it “home”.


Bryan Green, Business Consultant

Bryan worked as a senior business analyst at Apple for over six years specializing in operations and enterprise technology. Prior to this he worked as a consultant at NetApp and Cisco, building internal tools to manage their sales force. Bryan lives in Sendai with his wife and two daughters.


Nadine denten, social media, VIDEOGRAPHY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS

Nadine Denten assists Kimira House with social media, website management and technical advice. Having lived in Sendai for almost 5 years, Nadine hopes to share both her experiences & the stories of others through video and design alongside the mission of Kimira House.